LEGO The Lego Movie 2 Queen Watevra’s ‘So-Not-Evil’ Space Palace (70838)


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  • Contains 997 LEGO THE LEGO MOVIE 2 pieces
  • Awesome cosmic action awaits with Queen Watevra’s ‘So-Not-Evil’ Space Palace and all THE LEGO MOVIE 2 characters
  • The multi-level palace toy has 2 balconies, security room with a buildable security screen and the Royal Guard’s buildable lollipop
  • Includes Batman minifigure, Celeste mini-doll figure, Queen Watevra, Ice Cream Cone, Star, Royal Guard and 2 Heart brick-built figures

Join Bachelor Batman and Queen Watevra Wa’Nabi for dinner at the queen’s ‘So-Not-Evil’ LEGO Space Palace with this fun-packed building set!

Enjoy a smoothie and check out the DJ booth as you meet other colourful THE LEGO MOVIE 2 characters like Ice Cream Cone. Then make the top of the palace spin as Queen Watevra Wa’Nabi takes off in her super space rocket toy!

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