Magic: The Gathering Toolkit – Core Set 2020 Deck Builder’s Toolkit


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  • BUILD YOUR FIRST DECKS & START COLLECTING: The Core Set 2020 Deck builder’s Toolkit includes 125 cards specifically chosen by the game’s designers, 100 basic lands and 4 assorted booster packs including one Core 2020 booster. A perfect starter collection.
  • NEW LEGENDS: There are new appearances from Chandra the fan favourite pyromancer and Mu Yanling, a blue aligned Planes walker.
  • RETURNING MECHANICS: Exciting reprints such as Keyline’s and dual enemy-colour Temple Lands.
  • LEGENDARY CREATURES: More three-colour legendary “wedge” creatures are back to join the brawl.
  • PLAY YOUR WAY: This set spans the multiverse and invites players to find a favourite playing style and add new mechanics, creatures and Planes walkers to their decks.

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