Monopoly Board Game – Stranger Things Edition


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This version of Monopoly is based on the hit 80’s nostalgia Netflix show Stranger Things, go down into Hawkins to uncover what is happening in the Upside Down!

Play as an 80’s nostalgia piece or something ripped from the Upside Down as you move across Hawkins establishing forts and hideouts all the while on the hunt for Will Byers! Move around the board buying, building and trading iconic locations from the TV show such as Mike’s basement, The Junkyard, Steve’s Pool (poor Barb), and the Hawkins High School.

Don’t be confused with the original Monopoly, there are no community chests or chase cards here, instead there are walkie-talkie cards and blinking lights cards to test you resolve and to give you an advantage over everyone else.

Own Hopper’s patrol car, Joyce’s car, a bike or the Hawkin’s power and light van as they have replaced the stations, but don’t get attacked by the Demogorgon and wind up in the Demogorgon nest or you might lose everything you have built up already.

Will you own the upside down and reduce everyone to decaying ash? Or will you languish in Hawkins jail as you desperately try to build up your forts and hideouts.

Welcome to Hawkins, welcome to Stranger Things Monopoly.

Player Count: 2-8

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